Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gene Technology » to Offer DNA Database: "Online genealogy giant Ancestry is stepping into the DNA arena in a new partnership that seeks to reunite families through science.

Ancestry’s parent company, The Generations Network, has announced it will combine its collection of online family trees and databases with Sorenson Genomics’ precision ancestral DNA testing. This partnership will allow people to trace their roots and connect to distant cousins through DNA at the click of a mouse. boasts more than 14 million users and the world’s largest collection of online family trees. In the last 12 months alone, more than two million people have built family trees on Sorenson Genomics is one of the world’s foremost laboratories for genetic genealogy testing services, and has been helping genealogists extend branches of their family trees through DNA analysis since 2001."

One of my reservstions about all this was that the design of these studies was the key to success.
Here I shall watch with interest how it proceeeds - just think in a hundred years time this database may have substantial medical value - or much sooner

my own small study RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: BORUM forensic genealogy:
"There is a possibility of an illness caused by a defective gene carried by some of the females in or from Denmark."


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