Wednesday, August 22, 2007

youth today

MTV, Nickelodeon and Microsoft challenges assumption about relationship between youth and Digital - Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions:

"Globally, the average young person connected to digital technology has 94 phone numbers in his or her mobile, 78 people on a messenger buddy list and 86 people in their social networking community. Yet despite their technological immersion, digi-kids are not geeks - 59% of 8-14 year-old kids still prefer their TV to their PC’s and only 20% of 14-24 year-old young people globally admitted to being ‘interested’ in technology. They are, however, expert multi-taskers and able to filter different channels of information."

average Chinese young person has 37 online friends - Google Search
which shows how that press reease ahs got passed around and it cam to me from a news email about:_
the world’s most comprehensive database of library materials. Updated at a rate of nearly one new record every 10 seconds, WorldCat contains more than 87 million bibliographic records and 1 billion holdings contributed by over 9,000 libraries around the world.

compare Flickr: Photos from everyone in Flickr runs at 300 to 500 new images every 10 seconds
- my stuff including notes from archives and books Flickr: Photos from hugh1936uk


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