Friday, September 21, 2007

Bunfight at Clutton

where I shall be on Saturday 22nd with the Bristol_and_Somerset Rootsweb listers :-

The Warwick Arms

Telephone: 01761 452256

Upper Bristol Road • Clutton • Bristol • BS39 5TA

The History of the Clutton Bunfight

Our 'Get Together' or as now more commonly known 'Bunfights', despite the name, is held in a friendly, sober sedate manner! Back in 2001, many people on the B&S List, living in the vicinity of Bristol/Bath thought it would be a good idea to meet to compare their local family history findings. Thus the first meeting took place in November of that year and we had repeats in September, 2002, October, 2003, October 2004 and September 2005.

The first three years we met on a Saturday at the Warwick Arms in Clutton, on the A37 ten miles south of Bristol and the same distance from Bath. In 2004 we had to sadly, decide, at the eleventh hour, to change the venue to the Hunters Rest also in Clutton where we had another enjoyable day together. Members arrived at various times in the morning after the Hunters opened. The chat flowed all day but we managed to find time to order our lunches and were able to sit down together for a very pleasant casual lunch.

Visitors to Clutton were not just from the UK but even further away. In 2001 Doris and Don Watson from Toowoomba in Australia attended, in 2002 we met Jean and Bob Rowland from California and in 2003 Marsha and Mike Meer Stringer from Boston USA and Mandy and Tony Heal from S. W. West France were with us. In 20045 all present came from various places in the UK but we did have a phone call during the day from a Lister who had hoped to join us from Israel!

Last year, our lister from Israel, Margaret Hayon, was able to join us in The Hunter's Rest as did Lee Paltridge from Perth, Western Australia.

We also run an 'Absent Friends' list so that we can all be together in spirit at 1 pm UK time.

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