Thursday, September 13, 2007

ClubSymantec Articles - Computing Tips - Getting Serious about Passwords

ClubSymantec Articles - Computing Tips - Getting Serious about Passwords: "Before we go any further with this issue, let’s take a few seconds to stop and think about it: how many passwords do you have? You’ll find you’ll need a username and password or PIN number just about everywhere online. If you've been active on the web for a while, the chances are you have dozens of them lying around.

Dealing with these can be a real hassle, naturally. Especially if the passwords you’ve chosen are really hard to guess. But on the other hand if hackers or scammers were to guess your passwords correctly, your personal information, like your finances, medical data, confidential documents and so on, would be at risk.
Identity thieves routinely exploit personal information to open credit card accounts or apply for a mortgage in their victim's name, or to pose as them in online transactions. You might need to improve your password security and management. Here are some techniques to help you create stronger passwords.

Strong means unguessable" . . .

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