Monday, September 03, 2007

GeneLine Gel Doc Workstations - LAB - GeneLine Gel Doc Workstations: "A complete line of automated image documentation systems that provide consistent, reliable image acquisition and analysis instantly! Choose from full system, component-based systems, or mix-and-match components for your own individual application needs." - LAB - UV Viewing and Photodocumentation Cabinets: "For superior fluorescence analysis and photo-documentation, the Spectroline cabinets are the building units of any system. Featuring modular designs, and by combining with our Spectroline UV lamps and transilluminators, both epi- and trans-illumination is possible. Documentation is easily achieved with convenient snap-on adapters for standard cameras. This versatility allows for customized UV viewing and documentation systems that meet your unique requirements."

used for recovering data from water damaged documents for example


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