Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mandtalesliste with Gary Horlacher

1700 Census: "By order of 19 Oct 1700 a list was to be made of all men in Denmark (most lists seem to be dated December 1700 or January 1701). It included statistical columns listing a mark for age brackets over 18, 14-18, 10-14, 5-10, and 1-5 as a way of finding out how many men the government could count on in the case of a war. The 1700 census of men includes a listing of all men by household, giving the property appraisal (hartkorn), the name of the head, his age, all those men in his household, their relationships and occupations, and their ages. The 1700 census appears to have also been taken in Norway, Iceland, and other areas under Danish rule and many of these have been transcribed and published.

From some searching in different parts of Denmark, it seems that the 1700 census of men has survived for perhaps half of the counties of Denmark.
ere is what has been done so far. It isn't a lot, but its a start:

Frederiksborg County

Skanderborg County

Akær (Aachier) County Mandtal - Hads District - Royal Cammercollegij order of 19 Oct, list dated 30 Jan 1701 Skanderborg. (later part of Aarhus County)

HGS: 1700 Census Abbreviations/Translations

For a paper copy of these extracts to the 1700 census you can send $30 for the Frederiksborg County, $20 for the �k�r County volume to Gary Horlacher, 4065 W. 3670 S., West Valley City, UT 84120.

The books includes a wonderful place and name index (first and last name). The books are actually an excellent tool, especially with the index, making it in many ways even more useful than this Internet site. The money only covers the cost of publishing and postage. Cash is fine, especially from those overseas."

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