Saturday, October 20, 2007

One-Place Genealogy - One-Place Genealogy: "In One-Place Genealogy, Hawgood gives brief details of several hundred one-place studies, mainly from England, along with a few from the Isle of Man, Scotland, and Wales. He describes his own one-place study of Warminster in Wiltshire and then goes on to list many more such studies. One-Place Genealogy lists all identified studies alphabetically by county. Typical entries include the name of a place, the name and e-mail address of the person(s) conducting the one-place study, a brief description of the types of information available, along with any Web pages created for the one-place study."

Whitsome 1 Place Study: "a small rural parish on the Border between Scotland and England, in Berwickshire, Scotland."


Website for those conducting a ONE-PLACE STUDY in Genealogy and Local History, listing and indexing the original records, and making these freely available ...

Index of One-Place Studies.

Historical demography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A subfield of historical demography with a very narrow geographical scope is called a "one-place study". It is a branch of family history with a focus on ...

"one-place study" - Google Search


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