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Previous to their being disembodied

On Thursday, the 28th ult. the Royal Monmouth and Brecon militia arrived,
after an absence of some years, at Monmouth; their return warmly greeted by
the inhabitants; and on Saturday last the privates received their ultimate
discharge. Previous to their being disembodied, Lieut.-Colonel LEWIS,
(eldest son of Charles LEWIS, Esq. of St Pierre), addressed the regiment in
an appropriate speech, thanking them for their soldier-like conduct, and
observing, that the very few courts-martial that had been held, was the best
eulogy on the discipline of the regiment. As soon as he had taken his leave,
the men procured a chair, and taking the Lieut.-Colonel in their arms,
seated him in it; and elevating him on their shoulders, bore him in triumph,
preceded by the band of the regiment, round the town. In the course of this
procession, they met the Adjutant, Surgeon, and Serjeant-Major, whom they
immediately placed in chairs in the same situation, and carried them, with
the Lieut.-Colonel, to the head-quarters at Avery's hotel, where they
alighted amidst the cheering huzzas of an immense multitude of spectators
(it being market-day), assembled on this very novel occasion.

The Breconshire part of the regiment returned to their county town on Monday
last, headed by their noble Colonel and officers, with colours flying; they
marched into Brecon to the music of their celebrated band. After and elegant
address from the Commander, extolling their conduct during the war, and
expressive of his high senses of their military discipline and exemplary
behaviour under his command, they were disembodied, and regaled at his
expense with a plentiful dinner, in the Shire-hall. The youths of St Mary's
Church exerted their abilities on the occasion, by ringing a complete peal
of grandsire triples, consisting of 5040 changes, which was performed with
great steadiness in three hours and 27 minutes, being the second time of its
performance in Brecon. The non-commissioned officers and privates returned
to their respective homes, loud in their praises of the great kindness and
respect shewn them, particularly by their late noble leader.

transcribed by Lyn Nunn of Brisbane Australia from
The Cambrian 13 Jan 1816
and posted to :- monfh : Monmouthshire Family History.
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