Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family Bible Restoration

Family Bible Restoration at Leonard's Book Restoration Station: "The words 'Family Bible' often bring to mind the large, deeply-recessed and highly decorative Bibles of the 19th century. These Bibles were once very beautiful, and a common adornment in American homes. However beautiful, most were so big and heavy that they eventually tore themselves apart and now, then challenge is to get them back into a condition where they can be displayed and even used in a Christian home. Our goal in restoring your family Bible is to do all that is possible to get it back into a functional displayable condition and at the same time do as little as possible so as to Decorative antique family Bible in need of restoration preserve and restore the antiquity and hidden beauty of the original binding. We can replace spines, which are often missing, with new leather, antiqued and color matched to the boards, but we prefer not to attempt imprinting on these. The printing type available to us does not match the period or the size needed. Our goal is to draw attention to the beauty of the original boards."

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take care when shipping irreplacable documents to photograph all the data, and publish it on the web, before sending them

FOSTER FAMILY BIBLE: "This is a picture of page 679 of the Foster family Bible. This Bible was once owned by Joel Lewis Foster (1766 - 1834), my great-great grandfather. The other two pages have not been restored yet, but we are currently working on this project and expect to have it finished soon." NB MUSIC WARNING FOR THAT URL !!!


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