Sunday, November 04, 2007

French-Canadian genealogy

PRDH - Programme de recherche en démographie historique. Généalogie canadienne-française du Québe

Thanks to the quantity and quality of the information it is making available to researchers, the PRDH site represents a major contribution to Quebec genealogy. It adds to an already imposing sum of knowledge on the Quebec ancestors of French-Canadians accumulated from the efforts of a great number of researchers. This activity has continued across the technology revolution; the PRDH site thus joins on the internet numerous other sites dedicated fully or in part to French-Canadian genealogy. We did not deem it useful to repeat what others have already done by listing here all those sites; instead, we will mention a couple of sites who centralise this type of information, and add some specific sites we feel are of particular interest for our visitors. But first, you could visit " The 1852 and 1881 Historical Censuses of Canada " where you will be allowed to research for free the 1852 and 1881 censuses!

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