Thursday, November 22, 2007


STAGEGOLD TAKES ONLINE VIDEO CRAZE TO THE NEXT LEVEL: "A partnership between successful web entrepreneurs Alan Larsen (founder of Japan Works), Rob Adamson (founder of XMLAuthor) and Dan Taggart (founder of,, StageGold is an exciting new platform allowing users to play and retrieve videos anywhere on the web. �The video hosting space is booming right now, and there is plenty of room for innovation and competition,� said CEO Larsen. �We are only in the very early stage of defining this new and exciting space.�"
StageGold – Free video player, sharing and hosting site.

While StageGold offers all of the primary features found on YouTube, such as the ability to upload and play videos, StageGold offers many significant enhancements over competing services. One of those innovations is the exclusive Point and PlayTM technology built into the StageGold player that allows users to create virtual shortcuts to videos on many other websites . . .

so upload your memories for future generations to see in as many places as possible


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