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Jasper Ross' social secuirty number was 575-01-8863. How dis I know? It's
public knowledge! For recent deaths, always use the SSDI
(http://ssdi.rootsweb.com/). Plug in Jasper and you will see that you get a
hit. Do not stop there. With the information off the SSDI, you can send a
request to the SSA for a copy of the original appilcation form (they raised
the cost from $17 to to $35 now I think). His application will provide such
info as date of birth, occupation, and name of parents.

If you are just starting out, get as many birth, death, and marriage records
as possible. This is a good site: http://www.vitalrec.com/ Most states keeps
records back to maybe 1885, then county anf town records might take you back
another 30 years (except in new England where they go back to the 1640s).
Before that, you need to go to church records.

Are you familiar with the library in Salt Lake (world's largets genealogical
library)? From your local FHC, you can borrow anything from Salt Lake for
<$3.50 and you do not need to be Mormon. See what is there using this http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp See where your nearest FHC is uysing this: http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHC/frameset_fhc.asp Also, very imporatant, interview the oldest members of your family before they die. http://genealogy.about.com/library/authors/ucbishop3a.htm http://genealogy.about.com/cs/oralhistory/a/interview.htm Peter wrote in message

>>I just subscribed to ancestry.com and have reached a brick wall.
>> I discovered by paternal grandfather (Jasper Bennett Ross) was born 28
>> Apr 1884, in Puerto Rico. He died 13 Jan 1972, in Hawaii. One of the
>> documents he completed showed that his father (Fredrick Bennett Ross)
>> was born in "Europe," and his mother (Josephine Rivera Villahermoza)
>> was born in Puerto Rico.
>> Despite searching everywhere, I cannot find any additional
>> information. on my grandfather nor his parents.
>> Can anyone point me in the right direction?
>> Many, many thanks in advance.
>> iuki
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