Friday, December 07, 2007

S&N Genealogy Supplies

S&N Genealogy Supplies - Software, UK Census and Data CDs
I used to get my software updates here each year - until FTM 2008
and their useful glossy 2008 Catalogue dropped through my letter box today

The Genealogist: About Our Online Subscriptions
The largest collection of Census Transcripts covering England and Wales

We have census transcripts for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1891 as part of our All-Inclusive subscription.

These cover all counties of England and Wales and exclude 1881 as this year is available elsewhere free of charge. The census has linked images so the original pages can be viewed. You can also see the transcript of the household and the family.

Additionally we haved added the majority of the 1901 census and the rest will follow soon.
The Complete 1901 is available as a Pay as You Go subscription.

Many of our existing subscribers have praised our data for accuracy (see feedback). The data is checked by volunteer indexers. These are family historians who have local knowledge of the areas and local names they are checking.

Census transcripts provide information contained in the original census pages as clear, typed text, searchable by forename, surname, age, occupation, relationship to head of household, birth-place.


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