Friday, March 21, 2008

Genealogy Society of Norway

Genealogy Society of Norway - DIS: "The Genealogy Society of Norway - DIS (Norwegian name: 'DIS-Norge') was founded January 12, 1990. There are about 8000 members (2006) and the membership increases daily. The main goal of the association is to create a common forum for persons interested in using computers as a tool in genealogical research in Norway. DIS-Norge wants to spread knowledge about and at the same time stimulate genealogical research. We have good relations with similar associations in the Nordic countries and are continually exchanging experiences. We facilitate contact between genealogists in Norway, both electronically and face to face. In the case of local interest, we try actively to begin new local organisations.

We want to offer interesting services for English speaking users and members too!"
a newbies guide in Norwegian on DIS-Norge - Databehandling i Slektsforskning

Databruk i slektsforskning

Nyttig å vite for deg som er nybegynner: "sider med nyttige tips om slektsforsking i Norge, Danmark, Sverige, Finland, New Zealand og USA. Mest for deg som er nybegynner, men noe kan være nyttig også for deg som har holdt på en stund."


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