Saturday, March 08, 2008


inquests in Gloucester England

"1723 Jan 14. Gloucester, Jan 12.

One SARAH GAY of Burton, a Mile from Cainson and 5 from Bristol, living in a Farmer’s House, her Belly being got up, she endeavour’d to conceal it for fear of Shame, and when her Pains came on her she said she was violently afflicted with the Colick; but her Mistress thinking her to be with Child, went up Stairs with her, and coming down soon, the maid was delivered in the meanwhile, murder’d the Infant, and wrapt it in a Blanket; her Mistress coming up again soon discover’d it, tho’ the Maid had the Impudence to deny it, till her Mistress open’d the Blanket.

The Coroner sate on the Body, and brought her in guilty of Wilful Murder."

and she would either have been hanged or transported to the colonies



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