Saturday, March 01, 2008

too clever by far?

RootsWeb Newsroom » Blog Archive » Linking to More Resources on the Message Boards: "We have introduced a new feature on the Message Boards. We now automatically recognize last names included in message board posts and offer special links to additional surname resources. (We have done our best to identify surnames but you will still see words that will be linked that are not surnames in the context of the message.) . . ."

TGN programmers add more bells and whistles - of course this hypertext or semantic web feature works very well if mindlessly - but do we really need it?

Intelligent Web Technology in 2004: "intelligent Web-based information systems through the mining of diverse Web data resources is being studied in the emerging research area of Web knowledge discovery.

To develop effective and intelligent Web applications and services, it is critical to discover useful knowledge through analyzing large amounts of contents, hidden content structures, or usage patterns of Web data resources.

To achieve such goal, a variety of techniques in diverse research areas are needed to integrate properly, including natural language processing, information extraction, information retrieval, information filtering, knowledge representation, knowledge management, machine learning, databases, data mining, Web mining, text mining, agent, human-computer interaction, and semantic Web. These integrated techniques must address the important challenges from the scale, the heterogeneous and dynamic nature of Web contents and usage patterns."


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