Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FamilySearch Record Search

FamilySearch Record Search Maintenance - The System is Currently Down for Maintenance: "FamilySearch Record Search Maintenance

Record Search is currently being upgraded with new features. We hope to have the site available by Wednesday, 2:00 PM MDT.

A few of the highlights of this release:

* Search for christening and burial events
* Search at the county and city level
* You can now do different kinds of searches including exact
* In-context view of record details and images. This provides a new summary view of all the results next to the details and image views
* Name of person featured more prominently in the record
* Common actions grouped together at the top of record details

Visit the FamilySearch Labs blog to see details on this and other FamilySearch projects"

FamilySearch Indexing: Preserving Our Heritage: "In 30 minutes you can help people find their ancestors!"


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