Thursday, April 17, 2008


NewspaperDirect Inc. is a digital newspaper distribution and publishing operator with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada and offices in New York, London, Vienna and DĂĽsseldorf.

In 2005, NewspaperDirect introduced its two digital platforms, (an online newspaper kiosk) and SmartEdition (a universal publishing platform for ePapers).


NewspaperDirect's Print-On-Demand solution enables out-of-market newspapers to be printed in different types of locations around the globe. Print-On-Demand is powered by the ND PrintStation, which consists of a standard digital printer and a PC with NewspaperDirect’s subscription and printing management software. When connected to the Internet, the PrintStation downloads and prints a single or multiple copies of the newspapers available on the NewspaperDirect network. PrintStations are located at the offices of NewspaperDirect distributors, on cruise ships, in hotels, retail shops, libraries, corporate offices, yachts, marinas and conference centers and at major international events such as the G8 Summit, World Cup and the Olympic Games.

ProQuest NewspaperDirect Content Update - April 2008

NewspaperDirect offers over 500 newspapers in 37 languages from 70 countries. Newspapers can be instantly accessed in full-image electronic format through PressDisplay or in print with Print-on-Demand or ND Press.

In February, over 20 new titles were added to the NewspaperDirect offering.


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