Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thornbury Gloucestershire England

Thornbury Roots - local history & genealogy of Thornbury: "Thornbury Trade Directories from 1790 to 1973

Monumental Inscriptions

United Reformed Church - its history and registers of births, marriages and deaths"

About Us: "In 2004, we started researching the history of our house in Gloucester Road following an approach by a member of Thornbury Museum. This resulted in us joining the Thornbury Museum Research Group that meets the first Thursday of each month at The Chantry in Castle Street. We soon found out a lot of information about the house and adjoining houses. We realised that the information could be of interest to people researching the history of families who might have lived in the houses. In 2005 we developed out first website dealing just with the 'History of Laburnum Terrace'. By 2006 we had collected an extensive amount of information about other areas of Thornbury and we created Thornbury Roots."

Gas - Gas Lamps: "How many public lamps there were at the beginning is not clear; we believe there were 23. The first detailed list of the lamps that we have found so far was dated 1920. Even that has only 25 lamps and one extra on Sundays; nor were they to be lit every night as 'five nights in each month viz;- two days before full moon and two days after' there was apparently enough natural light anyway." Links


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