Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Ancestry Insider

The Ancestry Insider: "the New FamilySearch (NFS) rollout has hit an important milestone. Let me explain. I'm dividing the United States rollout of NFS into 3 phases. The first phase consisted of rollouts to individual temples at the rate of about 1 per month. (That was a real phase that I didn't make up. See The Ancestry Insider: New FamilySearch Rollout Accidentally Announced.)

I'm calling the rollout to Utah and Idaho, which will occur last, phase 3. That leaves everything in between as phase 2. Now the exciting milestone. Look at the map and you'll see there are no more red dots in the United States outside Utah and Idaho! All other U.S. temples have already started using NFS or are in the 4 month window! Phase 2 is completely in-process. Wahoo!

In fact, the only red dot remaining north of the Rio Grande is Regina Saskatchewan. They could be in transition too and it could take several weeks for dog teams to get the word out, ay! (Just kidding. Please don't be offended!)"


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