Monday, June 09, 2008

One-Step Webpages

One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse: "Ellis Island
Overview Ellis Island White Form (1892-1924) Ellis Island Gold Form (1892-1924) Ellis Island Manifests (1892-1924) Ellis Island Ship Lists (1892-1924) Ellis Island Additional Details (1892-1924) All NY Passengers (1820-1957) All NY Manifests (1820-1957 All NY Ship Lists (1820-1957) Morton Allan Directory Ship Pictures Ships & Fleets NARA/FHL Roll Numbers
Castle Garden
All NY Passengers (1820-1957) All NY Manifests (1820-1957 All NY Ship Lists (1820-1957) Castle Garden Manifests Castle Garden Ship Lists Castle Garden Browser Castle Garden Passengers Ancestrylibrary/Ancestryinstitute
Other Ports
Baltimore Passengers (1820-1948) Baltimore Manifests (1820-1948)
Baltimore Ship Lists (1820-1948)
Boston Passengers (1820-1943) Boston Manifests (1820-1943)
Boston Ship Lists (1820-1943)
Galveston Passengers (1844-1954)
Galveston Passengers (1893-1948)
Galveston Manifests (1893-1948)
Galveston Ship Lists (1893-1948)
New Orleans Passengers (1820-1945)
New Orleans Manifests (1820-1945)
New Orleans Ship Lists (1820-1945)
Philadelphia Passengers (1800-1945)
Philadelphia Manifests (1800-1945)
Philadelphia Ship Lists (1800-1945)
San Francisco Passengers (1893-1957)
San Francisco Manifests (1893-1957)
San Francisco Ship Lists (1893-1957)
Hamburg Passengers (1850-1934)
Hamburg Manifests (1850-1934)
Canadian Passengers (1895-1956)
Germans to America (1850-1897
) Italians to America (1855-1900)
Russians to America (1834-1897)
US Census
Overview 1910-1940 Census ED Finder 1910"

JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy: "®, Inc. is the primary internet source connecting researchers of Jewish genealogy worldwide.
Its most popular components are the JewishGen Discussion Group, the JewishGen Family Finder (a database of 400,000 surnames and towns), the comprehensive directory of InfoFiles, ShtetLinks for over 200 communities, Yizkor Book translations, and databases such as the JewishGen Communities Database and the All Country Databases.
JewishGen's Family Tree of the Jewish People contains data on nearly four million people.
JewishGen also serves as host to independent organizations such as Jewish Records Indexing - Poland."

Ellis Island Database -- One-Step Search Tools: "We acknowledge the work of Dr. Stephen Morse, the originator of the One-Step Search Tools,"


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