Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Society of Genealogists London UK

The two SoG mailing lists are ten years old.

The Members List (this one) has had nearly 1200 members joining the
list during that time, though currently the are 442 members
registered to the list. The peak was 471 in April 2001. During that
time about 21,490 messages have been sent. There are thirty members
who still subscribe to the list who were among those who joined it in
July 1998.

The News list simply contains announcements and news from the
Society. At its peak in 2001 there were 1856 members, greatly
boosted by a rush of around 1000 when Dick Eastman advertised the
list in his Newsletter. There are now 928 members, after a 'flaming'
incident about two years ago when the (then) new Rootsweb servers
suddenly allowed anybody to post messages to the list. After that
several hundred unsubscribed. About 490 messages have been sent.

The list is not as active as it used to be, but I hope that you will
all continue to support the list.



Geoffrey T. Stone,
SoG Mailing List Administrator.

Society of Genealogists - Family History Library and Education Centre: "NEWS [8 July 2008] - The Ministry of Defence has launched a public consultation process regarding the transfer of historic Armed Forces Service Personnel records to The National Archives. ....more

NEWS [4 July 2008] - The Society of Genealogists is extremely disappointed to hear that the General Register Office has delayed the proposed Digitization of Vital Events Project (Dove) and improved online indexes of Civil Registration known as the MAGPIE project (Multi Access to GRO Public Index of Events). Having liaised with GRO about this project over the last three years the Society had heard regular assurances that the contractors Siemens were catching up with backlogs of digitising the certificates and that GRO was preparing to improve the indexes. This clearly is no longer the case.
The Society hopes fervently that the GRO and the Identity and Passport Service will not lose the opportunity to make improved services for all who make use of civil registration records."


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