Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Craig H. Miller, an engineer who is currently employed by the Church as Director, Membership Needs reported today at BYU Education Week some pretty astonishing things that are being worked on to add to FamilySearch.org - Family History and Genealogy Records.

Among other things, there is about 18 times more data stored in the granite mountain vaults than is contained in the entire Library of Congress. (Doesn't that libary contain every book published in the USA?) Anyway at the rate it is happening right now, ALL of the data in the granite mountain will be available online in about eight years! And that is in addition to "terabytes" of new data that comes in every week from "an army of volunteers" who are digitizing records all over the world.

At present it takes 16 steps for members in Utah to get a name ready for temple work. In some stakes outside of Utah that has been reduced to four steps, and it can all be done from one's own computer at home, then straight to the temple. The intermountain states will be added when scaling is done and even larger computers are online to handle the huge number of members in those states.

But have a look for yourself what's coming up:

FamilySearch Labs

You might be able to also access http://new.familysearch.org


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