Tuesday, September 16, 2008


NSW Free Settlers - Ancestry.co.uk: "NSW, Unassisted Immigrants, Passenger Lists - 1826-1922
'Unassisted immigrants' were migrants whose journey was not subsidized and was paid for solely by themselves. These passenger lists are a record of their entry into New South Wales between 1826 and 1922 and contain details such as the name of the passenger and their occupation, their port of departure, the date they arrived and the name of ship they arrived on, and even possibly a bill of health.

NSW, Assisted Immigrants, Passenger Lists - 1828-1896
These are the records of individuals whose journeys were subsidized or paid for by another person or through another agency. The database is made up of 3 different types of record; Returns of convicts' applications for wives and families, Persons on bounty ships (Agents Immigrant Lists) and Persons on early migrant ships, and so contains an abundance of information.

The majority of the ships in these records sailed from British ports to
Sydney, however a few went to Moreton Bay (Brisbane), which was part
of New South Wales until 1859, and Newcastle. A few ships also
sailed from some non-British ports such as Hamburg, Madras and
New York"

there is some discussion of a new two level price structure for ancestry.co.uk

Ancestry.com Blog not much help on this topic


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