Sunday, October 19, 2008

FTM 2009 - Family Tree Maker

What I found out about FTM 2009 - Family Tree Maker software - Family History & Genealogy Message Board - "I installed the free upgrade that I received, after having purchased FTM2008 last year, and having to un-install it due to tons and tons of problems.

Here is my experience. Received 2009 about 10 days ago. Had some problems with the disk (when running sounded like my computer was grinding corn which was new and unique to this disk), but finally got it to install. Began to import my V16 tree info which took almost 10 minutes to load on to 2009. But I have 16,363 individuals,, 4907 marriages, 16 generations and 3,013 surnames with a fairly large file size, so I was not really surprised. It is a new look, but decided to take some time and play with it to see how it worked, which is how I learn all programs. First thing I noticed is that all census places in location area and need to be changed. I found that all misc. info that I had loaded, AKA, nicknames, residences, burial locations, etc appeared to be loaded in the 'Places', and therefore need to be corrected to description area. This is what I began with. During this process, the program would suddenly shut down and try and send a error report to Microsoft. Note I said try, it was not ever able to complete this chore and would lock up my machine. When I restarted FTM 2009, it would suggest that it had not been shut down properly and that I should "compact" the file to locate any errors. This usually happened about 3-6 times per day. I decided that I would check some of the records that can be merged into my files. This program ignores the fact that I have most census records in my files and merges them again, with the addition of the media (copy of census sheet) that goes with it. Nice touch, but although it mentions the "roll" and "sheet" numbers, it does not list them. This I do not like. If sometime in the future, I want to look them up, without the benefit of my Ancestry subscription, I am out of luck. I have been working with this new program for over a week and although lots of the bugs are out of it, it still appears to me to have some problems.

If and when they get the bugs worked out, it will be a good program, but for now am also keeping the V16 on my machine. I do not like the way it hangs my computer, especially when the only way to get it straightened around is to shut down and reboot my computer. That gets old when you do it for the 4th or 5th time in one day.

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