Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FTM 2009

FTM 2009: " A comparison - The new and improved FTM 2009 has arrived and is supposed to have a lot of improvements over FTM 2008. Lets do some tests and see what the improvements are:"

FTM 2009 also has several new reports which were missing in FTM 2008 and
in some cases FTM 16.
* Horizontal Hourglass Chart
* Bow Tie Chart
* 180 Fan Chart
* Family Tree Chart
* FTM 2008 style Register and Ahnentafel as well as FTM 16 versions
(called Simplified versions)
* Data Errors Report
* Improved Outline Descendant Report

The map work area can now show all of the places where an individual has
lived so you can trace that individual's migration path.

Whether FTM 2009 is the program for your main data base - really up to

How do you use FTM 16?

Do you use any of the following often and are they important to the way
you work?
* Books?
* Custom Report for special types of searches?
* Timeline Report?
* Label/Cards report?
* All-in-one Tree?
* Upload trees to FTM User Home Pages?

None of these features are in FTM 2009 as yet. When will they be
included? No indications as yet.

Now if you use Ancestry.com to search for information and records AND
merge the information into your data base, FTM 2009 is outstanding in
this area.

by BJ on FTM-TECH Rootsweb list


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