Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gettysburg Daily

Gettysburg Daily: "145 years ago today, President Abraham Lincoln arrived at Gettysburg in preparation of saying “a few appropriate remarks” at the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery. On November 18th, the day before he made his Gettysburg Address, he would have dinner at the home of Judge David Wills, make a brief speech to the crowd, and journey to the building next store to confer with Secretary of State William Seward. He would then attempt to sleep in his bedroom on the second floor of the Wills House.

The Gettysburg Railroad Station was completed in May, 1859, although the railroad had formally opened on December 16, 1858. The cost of the passenger station was $2070. This view was taken facing southeast at approximately 4:30 PM on Tuesday, November 18, 2008.

Lincoln’s train did not come in on the track shown here. In 1863, this track led farther to the west to an area that consisted of warehouses. Lincoln’s train, and all passenger trains, entered the station from the rear. When President Lincoln arrived, there were coffins stacked around the railroad platform area as part of the reburial operation. This view was taken facing east at approximately 4:30 PM on Tuesday, November 18, 2008.

North Stratton Street is running right to left or north to south on the camera side of the first house in this model in the passenger station. The train cross" see the site for the images and much more Gettysburg Daily: "©"


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