Saturday, November 01, 2008

O'Hart's - Irish Pedigrees

from my email and thanks to Pat Traynor:-

Everything you ever wanted to know about old Ireland !

I found that has John O'Hart's "Irish Pedigrees". vols I and II.

From the webpages below, you can read the books online, download it in PDF format, or view it in plain text, which allows you to cut and paste portions of text.

You can do word searches from the webpage. If you download the books, you will not be able to search for words as the pages are images of the original book pages and not in text format.
After downloading, you might use a PDF to TEXT program to convert it so you can do word searches.

If you have broadband speed it will take about 7 mins with a download speed of around 100kb/sec. to download a volume. Dialup speed would take hours.

VOL I. 44.6 mb size.
VOL II 44.7 MB size.

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