Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bomb damage maps LONDON

Bomb damage maps of Blackheath « The Blackheath Bugle

This map shows a colour-coded key explaining the severity of bomb damage in London after the WW2 bombings. They are from the London Metropolitan Archives, and were photographed by Flickr user Yersinia. There is also a key to the wider maps showing all of London here.

However, it seems an alternative path of destruction is being carried out by the London Metropolitan Archives, as all of this information is going to be digitally archived, and placed online. “What could possibly be wrong with that?”, you may ask… Well, all of the original data collected by the City of London would have been paid for by the people of London through taxation. And the archives are going to be placed online by a private company called The Generations Network Inc., based in Utah, who run But don’t worry because, as the City of London site helpfully points out:

We will provide free access to view the indexes and images through on the computer terminals in our public rooms.

I’ve just tried to access the “shop”, and it seems that the privilege of viewing a birth certificate (for example) would cost me the rather spectacular sum of £20. However, if I would like reprints on top of that, it will only cost me £10. Bargain, I say. . . . "

NO A RIP OFF see:-

Registration Services - Certificate Ordering Service: "The General Register Office holds a central copy of all registrations for England and Wales. Local Register Offices also hold records of events registered in their area.

For recent events registered within the last 18 months, applications for certificates should be made to the Register Office in the district where the birth, death or marriage took place."

Registration Services - Certificate Ordering Service - Frequently asked questions

Order Certificates: Certificate fees - Birth, marriage, civil partnership and death certificates: "Online fees
Standard Service
Full certificate with GRO index reference supplied £7.00
Full certificate £10.00
Priority Service
Certificates will be despatched the next working day, provided your order has been taken or received before 4pm
Full certificate with GRO index reference supplied £23.00
Full certificate £26.00"


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