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A discussion of the FamilySearch Wiki - Family History and Genealogy Records ... FamilySearch Wiki is a large, on-line library where you can find thousands of articles

began when an appeal for help was posted to GenBrit list
AKA sgb
FamilySearch Wiki 'Barn Raising' for England

some more background:-

25 Biggest Blunders in Wikipedia History | Best Colleges Online:

"An anonymous Wikipedia contributor who edited thousands of entries and claimed to be a professor of religion turned out to be a 24-year-old college dropout, according to MSNBC. The hoax was discovered after The New Yorker 'published an editor’s note stating that a 2006 Wikipedia profile in the magazine had erroneously described Essjay’s purported academic resume.'

He was so respected in the Wikipedia community that he had even been made an arbitrator by Wikipedia and was hired by Wikia Inc."

wiki genealogy - Google Search

Cyndi's List - Wikis for Genealogy

ARRSEpedia: " is a Wiki, just like wikipedia, but for the British Army / ARRSE and not quite 100% serious. The ARRSEPedia is a mass of articles that anyone can create or Edit. The idea is that if everyone contributes a little of his knowledge, opinions, sense of humour and experience then something really impressive... the ARRSEPedia.. is created."

"Login required to edit"


Blogger Hugh W said...

from my email:-
i Hugh,

I've just followed the link from your blog to the comments posted on soc.genealogy.britain concerning the FamilySearch Wiki 'Barn Raising' for England project. Do some of these people have a life or is their computer their only friend? Talk about 'Grumpy Old Men', but at least the TV programme was funny, unlike some of these sad losers!

A few brief comments:

1. GenUKI is simply geriatric in its presentation and large sections are never updated. It is textual in style and lacks impact.

2. GenUKI is produced by people who may know a little about genealogy but know nothing about web design! What worries me is that some of these people actually think that what they have produced is acceptable!

3. GenUKI is maintained but a small clique of people, wheras FSWiki is open to everyone!

4. GenUKI, by definition, deals only with Britain and Ireland, whereas FSWiki is international.

5. The FSWiki may be based on a server in the USA, but why are people assuming that those contributing to the site are Americans???

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