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Birth, Death and Marriage in New Zealand

Birth, Death and Marriage Historical Records: "Welcome to the Birth, Death and Marriage Historical Records website, where you can search New Zealand Government records for births, deaths and marriages (BDM).

The historic data available for you to search is limited so that information relating to people who might still be alive, can be protected. Information available includes:

* Births that occurred at least 100 years ago
* Stillbirths that occurred at least 50 years ago
* Marriages and eventually Civil Unions that occurred 80 years ago
* Deaths that occurred at least 50 years ago or the deceased's date of birth was at least 80 years ago."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum information required to complete a search?
To search on this website the minimum information required is a Surname and date from. If you return too many results you can add more information or search on a range of years to refine your search.

Why do you recommend searching on a range of dates?
The 500 record limited can easily be reached for common surnames e.g. Smith or Jones.
By limiting your searching to a range of years or including a given name you are more likely to achieve a successful result.

Why do you suggest we put the names for marriage searches in both the brides and grooms fields?
When the records were scanned some details were entered into the opposite type fields e.g. the groom’s names into the bride fields and the bride’s names into the groom fields. Searching with both types may help locate the record you are looking for.

When I search for a pre 1875 marriage why is the spouse’s name not always returned?
As part of the process of scanning the registers it was not a requirement to capture this information, however it has been included for some records.

If registrations didn’t commence until 1848 why do search results have earlier records?
Official registrations started in 1848 for births and deaths and 1856 for marriages. However as BDM have earlier records, such as church and place registers, some dating back to 1840, these records have been included as well.


1848 Birth and Death Registrations Introduced (Colonial Office).

1854 Marriage Registration Act Introduced.
Registry Office Marriages Introduced.

1875 Marriage details/age and birthplace of Parents recorded on birth registrations.
Occupation, parental details, where born, when and where buried, marriage details,
ages of children of deceased, length of time in NZ recorded on death registrations.

1880 Parental details recorded on Marriage registrations and the residence of each party
to the marriage. . . . ."


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