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Deansgrange Cemetery Dublin

Deansgrange Cemetery Dublin. Gravestone photographs part 2. Surnames A-C From Ireland URL, ©Jane Lyons

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Pt 2 Surnames A-C >>Surnames D-G>> Surnames H-L>> Surnames M-O>>Surnames P-Y

No index has been created yet for these photographs. If you click on any of the thumbnail images below, then the original photographs will open.

This is a really big cemetery, one of the main ones for Dublin. A lot of the stones can't be read and as you can see from the first few photos here, some are covered in ivy. The ones under the trees (usually green coloured in these photos are very difficult to read as well even when the stone itself is in good condition.

from my usenet email:-

Dublin has people from all over the country buried in it and I did spot some stones which said that the people were from somewhere else as I was naming the photographs.

Hannon 1 – Deansgrange from Roscrea
Brown 1- Deansgrange from Galway city
Berney 1 – Deansgrange from Wexford

This is a second part to Deansgrange that I've photographed. As far as I know the people on my original deansgrange set of photos were mostly Protestant and I think this latest section is supposed to be Catholic, except some of the surnames would make me think they weren't.
Anyway, I've broken this set of photos up into different alphabetical albums.
The photos aren't indexed. Some day maybe I'll get round to doing that. A lot of the stones can't be read, then there are some which the script is legible on, but they were taken from too far away.

I'm loading all those ones to my Graveyard blog at and then, I've put one which seems to have a little tree growing on top of it on my Sites & Sights blog at

The serious bit for those of you interested in Dublin are the following
Surnames A-C
Surnames D-G
Surnames H-L
Surnames M-O and
Surnames P-Y


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