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IRELAND: IRISH RECORDS: Sources for Family and Local History (Ryan) -

IRELAND: IRISH RECORDS: Sources for Family and Local History (Ryan) - "Here's a 'lucky charm' that will help you eliminate the confusion and tie up some of the loose ends in your Irish research. Dr. James Ryan has been involved with Irish family records research for over 15 years. In Irish Records, this world-famous researcher has compiled the most comprehensive and easy-to-use resource for Irish historical records. It is a tool that no genealogist -- amateur or professional -- should be without

To conquer Irish research, one must first understand the nature of Irish historical records. In Ireland, during the late eighteenth and early to mid-nineteenth centuries, very few records were kept. Much of the populace lived as tenant farmers or laborers; activities that required few written records. Dr. Ryan explains this and more as you read about the history of Irish written records

More Importantly, Irish Records provides you with a comprehensive listing of all available sources for Irish written records. Organized by county, this list will help you in your search to find your ancestors' occupations, relatives and more! Use Dr. Ryan's specialized maps to help you zero in on the appropriate Irish town or parish. You can even use the book to help associate surnames with particular counties!

In this new edition, Dr. Ryan has added several new sources to his already extensive list. If you are searching for ancestors on the Emerald Isle, this is the source book for you!

668 Pages, 8 1/2' x 11', Hardbound, ISBN 0-916489-79-0"


Blogger yplocalhistory said...

How recent is this new one? What is the latest editon? The link does not include a date. Google Books has digitised his "Revised Edition" which looks very much the same. It is 1997

9:26 am  
Blogger Hugh W said...

I don't know ask the sellers or google ISBN numberfor example

3:51 pm  

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