Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mac Genealogy

Mac Genealogy Software : Mac Genealogy Software: "Note: This page is out-of-date as of November 26, 2008, and will be updated over the next few days."


Blogger John said...

Not really an excuse for the lack of update to their page, but I am pretty sure I know what the date November 26, 2008 references.

It's the date that Warwick Wilson, the son of Keith Wilson, announced that his father passed away. Keith Wilson was the single-developer of the software iFamilyForTiger/Leopard. Warwick took over, but it's not his sole pursuit, so development has slowed.

When you follow their link to their desrciption of iFamilyForTiger, it says the current version is Aug 2007, and Keith had made several updates after than, so they are actually even further out of date than the line on their homepage suggests.

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