Monday, July 20, 2009

Anthony Lambert

Certificates in 5 Days: "C5D (Certificates in 5 Days)
52 The Ladysmith,
Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire
England OL6 9AR:
E Mail:
Fax Number: +44 161 367 8092

A Personal Service not just a Certificate Supplier.

C5D (Certificates in 5 Days) has been around almost eleven years now and during that time has established a reputation for being reliable and efficient as well as easy and friendly to deal with. Besides supplying your certificates, I'd be happy to look at any brickwalls that might need knocking down, although I can't promise to do that.

Certificates in 5 Days. Obviously I can't get them to your letter box in that time, but I can scan or transcribe them to the <in box> of your e mail address, so if speed of information appeals to you, then read on !

The Service:
Certificates are obtained and scanned to you.
Certificates are obtained from the ONS unless 'original copies' including signatures are usually supplied from the local office.
On receipt by me, they are scanned or a transcription e mailed to you. It's your choice. The default option is a scan.
The entries are then posted by air mail to you.

Other services may appear cheaper, but often exclude fees for postage and packing, and most will not scan the certificates as they come through. If you'd care to compare prices, just click on one of the adverts below."


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