Saturday, July 25, 2009

looking for women - Family History Bulletin: "Researching your elusive female ancestor can be difficult. Surname changes at marriage and the seemingly lack of records documenting the lives of women can make it difficult to conduct research in the same way you would for a male ancestor.

Newspapers are a rich source of genealogical information. They document a community on a daily or weekly basis. While they do contain the old genealogical standby, the obituary, they also contain so much more. Women can be found in all parts of the newspaper including feature articles, the society pages, advertisements, and more. Newspapers record weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations. They also document the tougher times like divorces, court cases, crime and deaths."

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Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Finding Your Female Ancestor in the Newspaper

more ideas in:-
ShoeString Genealogy: "ShoeString Genealogy provides Family Historians with information about how to research their ancestors both on the Internet and in libraries and other repositories. Besides how, we will show you where—locations for information and the relative value of each.

Here you will find useful, free Genealogy Charts and some free Genealogy Forms. And there are free Presentations on Genealogy Topics; Tips and Techniques; new Developments and Resources; and diversions such as Trivia Quizzes and Crossword Puzzles.

ShoeString Genealogy focuses on lowering the costs of research whilst raising the quality of information obtained. Although not all online resources are free, many are. Same for many repositories. We'll show you an abundance of excellent resources that are quite inexpensive, too."


Blogger HappyDae said...

Thank you, Hugh. I hope people don't get the wrong idea about thinking it is a dating site! LOL Female genealogical research requires more attention on the part of the researcher because of marriages, divorces, additional marriages, reversion to maiden names, etc. Also, the further from the 20th Century we go, the less documentation we find for women.

Happy Dae·

4:27 pm  
Blogger Hugh W said...

yes Dae - my tongue was firmly in my cheek when I chose the blog title

only users confusing gynaecology and genealogy might be disappointed

4:49 pm  

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