Wednesday, September 09, 2009 Enhanced Image Viewer » Installing the Enhanced Image Viewer application on Windows 7 (x64): "The Basic Image Viewer seems to work OK but the very existence of an “enhanced” viewer suggests that there is something there that I’m missing (and this is a subscription website after all)!

So, here’s what I tried that didn’t work:

1. Enabling the ActiveX control using Internet Explorer to manage add-ins (it wasn’t there to enable).
2. Manually downloading and installing the Enhanced Image viewer (failed to register).
3. Manually uninstalling the Enhanced Viewer (it was not there as it never successfully installed).

In the end, I broke all good security practices by logging on as administrator (instead of running the installer as an administrator), and turning off UAC, after which the viewer installed as it should. Clearly this application was very badly developed (it seems not to follow any modern application development standards) but at least I got it installed!"


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