Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Germanic Genealogy Society

Home of Germanic Genealogy:
"Germanic Genealogy Society
A branch of the Minnesota Genealogical Society
Helping Members Research Germanic Ancestors Worldwide"

History and Purpose:

Founded in 1979 as the German Interest Group, the society became a branch of the Minnesota Genealogical Society in 1981. The name Germanic Genealogy Society (GGS) was adopted in 1992. GGS is a branch of the Minnesota Genealogical Society (MGS). GGS became a member of the Federation of Genealogy Societies in 2000.

The Germanic Genealogy Society's objectives are:

to provide a national association of those interested in Germanic Genealogy;

to provide opportunities for the exchange of genealogy ideas and information;

to hold regular meetings for the instruction and interest of members;

to encourage interest in Germanic genealogy;

to publish a quality genealogical journal ;

to collect, publish genealogical, biographical, and historical material relating to Germanic genealogy worldwide;

to encourage the establishment of Germanic genealogical resources in libraries.

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