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Now will you please make a similar announcement about OneWorldTree, and retire that infected dinosaur?

No, not yet, or perhaps not at all. We consider this option all the time and have mixed thoughts and feelings as to what to do with OneWorldTree. For many, many customers, it is a wonderful resource. For some, it is an “infected dinosaur”. Our hope is to improve it in a way that those who value it can continue getting that value in a way that everyone can be content with.

Has lost all common sense? If this was a contest to see who could upset the most customers in the shortest space of time, Ancestry would surely have won it by a mile.

We totally get it that many of you are bitterly disappointed with this announcement. At the same time we are very, very grateful for those who give feedback, help us track down bugs, offer suggestions for improvement, etc. and who are willing to work with us to make the new system work well for everyone.

We have 3 months to make this work. If it is not going to work for the vast majority of users, we can extend that time. We can be flexible. But we do need to move towards turning off the OFT system. It is old, and we are not willing to maintain two systems. We’re putting all our available efforts into the Ancestry Member Trees system, and will make it the best we can for you.


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