Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Datadocktor'n - din hjælp bland ettor o nollor

from my email

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Ooohhh thats really clever I will try thaton my friends new PEECEE when she
gets it.

Does it aslo works with Macintoss ?

NOW what on earth was that about?

Datadocktor'n - computer help page: "Hi and wälcomme to the internationally well know computerspecialist!

After my summer gonnaway with lots of diskswitchings and defragmentations im now back , now even bigger and better and more internationalised.
Choose a link to the left to get started.

And yes, when i have time (beetween all my expensive consultations) i'm going to translate all the other (in Swedish) tips to English, meanwhile take a look at the swedish pages and do as you do with other manuals/handbooks (Like Penthouse and Playboy) , look at the pictures!!!"

First step is to find a data washing establishment.

It's very easily happens that it gets a bit dirty when you do datawelding.


Can you add an English text ?

Well, as you finally can see, I have enabled my English babelfish graphic card to work on all the
interwebb so everyone can take part of my knowledge.


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