Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Prince of Wales - About the Prince: "The Duchy of Cornwall is one of the largest and oldest landed estates in Britain. It was created in 1337 by Edward III for his son, Prince Edward (the Black Prince). A charter ruled that each future Duke of Cornwall would be the eldest surviving son of the monarch - and the heir to the throne."

My congratulations and good wishes to the lucky pair
seen on my tv as I blog

The Prince of Wales own home page

Welcome to Duchy of Cornwall Nursery: "The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery can realistically claim to be unique. The combination of its superb rural location, the range and quality of its plants and the expertise of its staff make a visit essential for every gardener and plant enthusiast.
The nursery offers for sale some 4000 varieties of plants, including many rarely available elsewhere. The majority are grown here on the nursery, from material obtained over the years from around the world. We also buy in material, usually young plants for growing on, from home and abroad.
Our aim is to offer gardeners not just a very wide choice, but more importantly a very good choice of the best garden plants currently available."

Google Search: duchy cornwall all about the organisation on official web sites

The Prince of Wales - News & Events
Duchy Originals is one of the UK’s leading brands of organic food and drink.

When The Prince of Wales created Duchy Originals in 1992 it was because of his belief in the clear advantages of organic farming: the production of natural and healthy foods and sound husbandry which helps to regenerate and protect the countryside.

Duchy Originals embodies The Prince of Wales’s commitment to the "virtuous circle" of providing natural, high quality food, while helping to protect and sustain the countryside and wildlife.

All of its profits are donated to The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation in the UK. The range of organic products includes biscuits, preserves, chocolates, bread, bread, bacon, sausages, milk and soft drinks.

The Prince of Wales said: “I established Duchy Originals with the aim of encouraging the wider adoption of organic farming and food production.

The Prince of Wales - News & Events: "Established by The Prince in 1979, The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation (UK) supports a wide range of charitable causes and projects. "


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