Monday, September 05, 2005

Electoral Reform Services Voter Registration Service

Online Registration
Please continue only if ALL the names on your voter registration form are correct.

If the Opted Out of Edited Register option is 'Yes', that name will be excluded from the Edited Register.
Apply for a Postal Vote
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none of this in Denmark

because they have a properly organised system

the FOLKEREGISTER with CPR numbers

When you are born in Denmark or register at the national registration office, you get a 10 digit CPRnumber. The first 6 digits are your date of birth (dd,mm,yy 3 digits and a check number even for women odd for men) this is used for all records from tax to bank statements and voting rights.

The Danish Civil Registration System

CPR-kontoret is an administrative section of the Indenrigs- og Sundhedsministeriet,
which is a central provider of basic personal date to official and private bodies.

Statistics in Denmark : "Since the CPR register and the local register have rationalised and improved the reporting procedure, events have been reported faster to the CPR register since the beginning of 1971.
The statistics have at the same time become more complete without anything being changed.
With a view to faster publication, the period of waiting for the late reporting from the CPR register was shortened in the 4th quarter of 1992 from 40 days to 30 days. "


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