Tuesday, September 27, 2005

THE Storm Images

Extreme Instability

Have you gotten some crazy storm images claiming to be from about anywhere but Nebraska or Iowa (including SEVERAL countries)? I've had some going around and around the net...and then around and around again, only to, yes, go around and around again. Please, if you see someone claiming to have shot them, point the liar out. It is quite old now.

You can read a small story and see the images at the above link. Those were NOT shot in Canada, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Romania, Isreal, Brazil, Texas, Oklahoma, etc... They were also not shot by anyone but myself. So many want to claim they took them. What they honestly get out of that and how it makes their daily lives better I don't know.

But anyway the truth is those images came from here/me. If cousin Bill sends you these cool storm pics "HE" took, can you slap him for me? As for the other folks who are just passing them around that don't know where they came from, I obviously have no problem with that/them(so that is clear). My only problem is with the people that know they did not take them themselves and claiming that they have.

just like folk stealing genealogical research


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