Monday, September 12, 2005

Terry Smith’s Site


My name is Terry Smith (as if you hadn't guessed) and I'm over 50, by quite a bit, and (used to, until today, the 19th. August 2005!) work in the Engineering Department of a Local Authority in the South East of England. I’m married to Edna (nee Killick, there are a lot of those on the family tree). I’m not going to give a clue as to her age but she worked as a buyer for a local Electronics Company and she retired in 2003!

We live quietly (except when the CD player is on) in our bungalow in Buckinghamshire (the Government made our part of the Country Berkshire in 1974, but it's still Bucks. really). Children, we have none. This is why we can afford to indulge our passion for foreign holidays

an excellent amateur site


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