Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cemetery New Orleans,LA USA

Lafayette Cemetery New Orleans,LA: "Lafayette Cemetery No.1
New Orleans, LA
(est. 1833)"

This site has made a difference to alot of people. Thousands of photos, dozens of links, and a message board which was instrumental in me getting into contact with the Friends after I was evac from New Orleans.
by SeanieNOLA on AOL
Name Sean.......Seanie if yer sweet
Location born and raised in New Orleans......was there for Katrina....stayed to help with the evac 'till I was evaced myself.....TN at the moment....ex-Army.....Germany, MA, MO, Gulf Coast Baby
Gender Male
Marital Status Single, Divorced, but love waking up with a sweetheart....
Hobbies & Interests ...everything but stupidity and idiocy....
Favourite Gadgets ....anything dinkum...
Occupation reseacher, historian, advocate, long list
Personal Quote
Dum Vivimus, VIVAMUS! (While we live, let us LIVE!)....if you can still flirt, you will


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