Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tibet railway to be finished

Qinghai-Tibet slow distant web site but worth the wait

before the chinese invasion Tibet was a bit like parts England before the closure of the monasteries by Henry VIII with peasants or serfs supporting monks

Henry VIII's annulment from Catherine was the impetus for the separation of the Church of England from the body of Roman Catholicism. 1531 and 1534

Just hope the permafrost does not melt, to civil engineers ice is just another rock - but it has a rather low melting point

Qinghai - Google Search

Qinghai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LanQing railway is the first step of an ambitious plan set by the Chinese in 1956 to build a railway that connects Tibet with the rest of China. LanQing railway, designed in 1956 and built from May 1958 to September 1959, runs 188 Kilometers long, connecting Lanzhou the capitol city of Gansu province, and Xining, the capitol city of Qinghai province. It is currently the only railway that connects Qinghai-Tibet region with the rest of China.

Lanqing Railway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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