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time to try something new just registering and their bot asks you to describe yourself I am writng in slightly uncouth english style aimed at the search engines, which even index my typos and I am following :- Hints & Tips: What to include in your Friends Reunited profile
Some people reading your profile may not be old friends so we recommend you don’t include specific personal details. Your privacy is our utmost concern and we never ever reveal your personal email address, date of birth or any other sensitive information.

single, divorced three times with 3 daughters and 2 grand daughters

Now I am a family historian, published writer, blogger,

8½ years British Army, Sapper, Royal Engineers, Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, A1 trade, with clarinet, tenor trombone, saxophone, flute, oboe, bass drum, as second instruments

30 years as a professional musician, bassoon player, professional conductor and trainer of amateur brass band, symphony orchestra, military, community and concert band, recognised as a qualified teacher in schools

I played traditional jazz tuba, sousaphone, in the second New Orleans revival when at Loughborough College of Advanced Technology (today Loughborough University)

I taught music in Scandinavia then I retired and drove taxi - thus becoming a full time tourist and people watcher in Copenhagen, and learned colloquial danish.

I have a pension and divide my time between Solihull, UK and Copenhagen, Denmark and have also lived in Aldershot, Twickenham, Mytchett, Farnbough Hants, Widney Lane, Solihull, Usk, Chepstow, Tutshill, Wolverhanpton, Belfast, Dunmurry,

Abroad? Denmark, Faroe Islands, Klaksvik, Northern Ireland and as a musician or researcher Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Wales, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia 1965

My spiritual journey has been long and happy and more important to me than material things (of which I have never lacked teh essentils) seeking wisdom through philosophy, and my love of our human kind.

(just adding some keywords in danish for the bots
Jeg kan godt snakke dansk - Danmark København Østerbro taxa Færøyene Føroyar Klaksvík )

I am a happy person in my third age, my economy is minimal but in order, I have reasonable health, and I live like a student often using libraries and archives and above all the internet and AOL, and my intellectual life is thriving.

After all I am living history and I remember World War 2 and the blitz on Birmingham and Coventry (heard from a safe distance and lucky to be alive) as an OAP pensioner, pensionist.

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