Thursday, January 19, 2006

an attractive memorial page

from my email:-

Dear Hugh:

I ran into your quotes from my old Ricca family website stuff on
Geocities this afternoon. While flattered, I wondered, why? I was
unaware any of that was still on Geocities.

In any case, that site is now superseded by, if
you have anybody interested.

I see you are in Copenhagen? You have excellent taste! A much underrated
city, I had the privilege of visiting back in 1976, and would dearly
love to see again.

Best wishes,


and see his really attractive new page THE RICCA FAMILY HOMEPAGE

worth reading
about languages: "The language of Italy is Italian, but only since Italy became a single country. When Candido came to America, Italy was many countries, with many related languages.

Prior to Giuseppi Garibaldi (1807-1882),Italy was a region, not a nation. Garibaldi, a Piedmontese like ourselves, spoke Piedmontese as his native language, as did most of our ancestors, after their arrival in Italy in the 14th and 15th centuries. (Before that, we spoke French. See the History pages when I get them launched for details).

The languages of Italy are usually called dialects, quite erroneously; they are as different from each other as French is different from Spanish. Modern Italian is based on the Tuscan language. The other languages, including Piedmontese, are dead or dying."


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