Monday, January 16, 2006

Hot Bath

The Negligence of Dolphin Bathrooms
from the site:-
Last month, I wrote to Dolphin to ask them why they put my elderly parents at risk of bacterial infection (and worse?) by switching the source of their bathroom’s water to the roof tank — when the water used to come straight from the mains.

Dolphin told me that the spur should be “switched off when the bath is not in use”; though how they imagined that my mother might have done this isn’t clear: it was hidden behind the bath panel, which was screwed into place. (But this isn’t relevant: according to the bath manufacturers, the advice was wrong).

I didn’t like the idea of my infirm parents bathing just inches from a 240-volt supply, nor of my mother having to touch mains-voltage electrical switches when she had just taken a bath. I told Dolphin Special Care™ that the spur’s position was dangerous

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