Thursday, February 09, 2006

Errors in IGI for Wales and Monmouthshire

Using the IGI for Wales and Monmouthshire:

"Because of the late development of the use of surnames in Wales, where the uses of patronymics continued in many places until into the 19th century, the Welsh IGI has both a surname index (SN) and a given name index (GN).

Before 1813 parish registers did not make the surname explicit: The IGI assumes, in all cases before 31st December 1812, and of course wrongly, that the child took its father's christian name as its surname. Thus when William, son of John and Sarah Thomas was baptized at Cowbridge, Glamorgan on 17th October 1783, he appears on the microfiche - - - and read these web page for more

spotted on Cyndi's List - Wales / Cymru

via Cyndi's List Update
from RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: CyndisList


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